Blockchain for CEOs
Blockchain for CEOs
Three Presentations to America's Top Boardrooms

Rethink your relationship with blockchain

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Executive consultant Obreahny O’Brien gives the reader a multi-disciplinary point of view on blockchain technology based on her years of management consultancy experience with two global firms and as one of the first entrepreneurs to develop a blockchain application in 2014 called Early Temple. In her book, “Blockchain for CEOs: Three Presentations to America’s Top Boardrooms,” Obreahny relays adaptations of presentations delivered to America’s top board rooms, including stakeholders’ responses and case studies at various phases of the blockchain sales life-cycle. The aim of this book is to democratize access to learning for executives seeking to gain an initial understanding of the cross-functional and risk management considerations of the technology, and blockchain entrepreneurs aspiring to work with and sell applications of the technology to large enterprises.  


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“Blockchain for CEOs” provides a glimpse into the issues that American boardrooms are concerned with when approaching complex technologies, like blockchain. Unlike traditional technology dialogues, “Blockchain for CEOs” has the reader considering blockchain technology from the lens of risk management and multi-disciplinary sales cycles, enabling the reader to present the most compelling message to America’s top boardrooms.



Obreahny O’Brien is a thought leader in the emerging technology space who works with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and governments to develop innovation strategies and technical applications of blockchain technologies. Obreahny is a frequent speaker on the topic of blockchain, providing practical insights to attendees who are looking to advance their innovation efforts.



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