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The technology dialogue has become more exciting and complex than ever. News feeds are flooded with headlines of artificial intelligence and the power of blockchain technologies. The media push combined with up-and-coming technology vendors has created pressures on boards of directors who are looking to understand the opportunity (and threat) of these dialogues while managing their risks. The pervasiveness of these technologies has made that risk systemic in many cases, where companies are not only trying to minimize existential threats to themselves but also to the broader industry ecosystem. This lens of risk management aligned with revenue drivers and cost considerations is obviously a very complicated one, and it has been navigated with the help of management consultants who apply pattern recognition and industry understanding to assist executives in identifying and minimizing such risks. “Blockchain for CEOs: Three Presentations to America’s Top Boardrooms” aims to democratize access to this insight by providing its readers with a snapshot into the point of views delivered by Obreahny O’Brien, an executive management consultant and technologist, to America’s top boardrooms.

In the same presentation style Obreahny uses with executives to minimize information fatigue, “Blockchain for CEOs: Three Presentations to America’s Top Boardrooms” follows graphically driven representations of these complex concepts with short commentaries intended to provide additional color and invoke discussion for the readers.



Obreahny is the CEO of Lenox Group - a New York City based fintech focused on developing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence products for companies and government agencies.

Prior to Lenox Group, Obreahny was the founding member and product lead for Ernst and Young's blockchain strategy group servicing large financial institutions. She developed Ernst and Young's capital raising token service offerings across a broad range of disciplines including: strategic planning; tax structuring; token ecosystem; and business model support.

In 2014, Obreahny co-developed EarlyTemple.com, which was the first smart contracts platform that interacted with the Bitcoin multi-sig protocol.

Prior to her work in the technology sector, Obreahny gathered over 8 years of transaction advisory experience for bulge bracket private equity clients at KPMG.



Many thanks to my brilliant team, particularly Billy-Jack Dalessandro (github.com/bjdooi) who developed the smart contract for the book token, Bill Cammack our awesome (and Emmy Award winning) video editor who is always keen for an adventure, and Yellowpop Design for the book cover design.

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